Elephant Seal

Surfboard Repair Film

Elephant Seal is the easiest, fastest way to make dings in your surfboard instantly waterproof.

no mixing. no fumes. no mess

No Mixing. No Fumes. No Mess.

Elephant Seal Surfboard Repair Film is the easiest, fastest, most effective product on the market that instantly makes dings and cracks in your surfboard completely watertight. If applied correctly, Elephant Seal will provide long-lasting protection from the elements allowing you to fix the ding traditionally when you have the proper time and resources to do so. Or, you can leave Elephant Seal on your board and it will continue to keep water out of your board.

  • Cures Instantly
  • Crystal Clear & Super Thin
  • Seals Spider Cracks
  • Removable
  • Travel Friendly
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Product Contents

- 3 Sheets of repair material with pre-cut shapes

(12 patches total)

- 6 alcohol prep pads

- 180 grit sandpaper

- complete instructions

- multi-use utility blade, new for 2021

- waterproof storage pouch

- rad promo sticker


1. Clean Repair Area

Make sure ding is free of any dirt, debris, sand or wax. The included utility blade can be used to safely scrape away most wax. If there are any sharp or rough edges, smooth them off with the included sandpaper. Use an alcohol prep pad to remove any wax residue and thoroughly prepare surface for application of Elephant Seal. Repair material will not stick to wax.

2. Choose Your Elephant Seal!

Select one of the pre-cut shapes provided, or make your own with scissors and some creativity. Make sure that the selected piece extends at least 3/8" (10mm) past all sides of damaged area. Peel Elephant Seal carefully from backing paper, making sure not to touch adhesive surface with your fingers. The utility blade can be used to help separate and lift Elephant Seal from the backing paper, just make sure it's free of wax or dirt. Do not let adhesive surface come in contact with itself.

3. Apply Elephant Seal

Apply by lightly placing your chosen shape over the damaged area. Starting in the center, press material firmly with finger, moving out towards edges. Flatten the Elephant Seal while conforming the material to the contours of the board. The slight elasticity of Elephant Seal will allow it to conform to most areas with a little time and patience. If the damaged area involves a deep void, it is recommended to add a second layer of Elephant Seal for extra puncture resistance. For complex areas like around tails, etc., several pieces of Elephant Seal might be needed for a watertight finish.

4. Inspect Your Repair

Make sure there are no gaps or folds that will allow water intrusion. If you're not sure, remove the material and start over. As soon as Elephant Seal is applied, it's instantly cured and ready for the water. Elephant Seal can be used as a permanent or temporary repair. It's designed to remain affixed and provide years of protection to your damaged board. To remove Elephant Seal, simply warm it with an electric hair dryer and peel it away. The utility blade also makes an excellent tool to aid in removal of Elephant Seal.

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